The Extras

The decision between booking a Day In The Life (DITL) and a Portrait session comes down to a couple key factors: are you celebrating a holiday? Do you want to have a real record of what your life looks like right now? Are the days moving so quickly that you can barely keep your head on straight, but you've noticed a few moments here and there and thought "Wow, look at us GO!"? Then you may be in the market for a DITL session. A Day In The Life is a raw, photojournalistic approach to photography that doesn't alter a scene, but challenges a photographer to make photographs creatively that show the energy, attitude, and light of defining moments throughout your day. Don't clean the house before I arrive, don't freshly press your clothes. I want to see YOU and show you what a beautiful job you're doing right here in this moment. 

Are you looking for your holiday card photo in matching sweaters (the goofier, the better!)? Do you want to take milestone photos of your beautiful new baby? Is it your senior year and you're looking for a rad pic for the yearbook? Then a standard Portrait Session is for you. 

Ultimately the decision comes down to your personal style and the end goal of your photographs. Call me. Email me. Text me. We can figure it out together.

Day In The Life vs. Portrait

What Should We Wear?

So, this is why they invented Pinterest! Find me there and check out my "Family Shoot Outfit Ideas" board.